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Lee Roy Martin


Lee Roy Martin
The Unheard Voice of God
A Pentecostal Hearing of the Book of Judges

With the wealth of colorful characters described in the book of Judges, scholars and general readers alike have a strong fascination for Israel’s leaders in its earliest days. Theologians and biblical scholars from Luther on have found it difficult to relate to these figures. From a Pentecostal point of view, in particular, those characters can sometimes be an embarrassment, as their personal lives appear to be in stark tension with the purity-conscious, holy life to be expected of those touched by the Spirit of God. Apart from the moments of power, where is God in the lives of these characters? As the title suggests, it is time to listen and learn from God’s role and perspective in these stories, who in faithfulness to his covenant acts with constant patience to save his flawed servants.

Through a fresh hearing of The Unheard Voice of God the positive message of the book of Judges can become more apparent and accessible. Readers are shown a crucial part of the book’s dynamics which they may have missed.

An important contribution to scholarly discussion of the book of Judges, of value to students and scholars of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, and to those interested in the principle of listening to God.

“Martin can rightly and proudly (if a Pentecostal can be proud) make a claim: ‘My work is the most detailed study of the role of God as character within the narrative of Judges and the first to focus on the speeches of Yahweh within the book’ (p. 283). Yes! This is a major contribution that has been done with sustained discipline and sensibility. I observe that unless I have missed something, there is nothing particularly Pentecostal about his reading except…a major except!… the readiness to push on toward theological matters and to dare interpretive issues that fly in the face of our usual positive reductions. This study is a major contribution that I welcome, and a winsome affirmation about method that is critically responsible and post-critically venturesome in a most responsible way.” – Walter Brueggemann, Journal of Pentecostal Theology18.1 (2009)

Lee Roy Martin , D.Th., University of South Africa, 2007, is assistant professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at the Church of God Theological Seminary, Cleveland, Tennessee. An ordained pastor as well as a full-time scholar, he has preached and taught in various parts of the world and published many articles in scholarly journals.

Journal of Pentecostal Theology Supplement Series

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