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Rhetoric of Religious Antiquity

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Practice Interpretation
A new series of contemporary readings of biblical books and texts with a practical application. ISSN 2048 0431


Pentecostal Commentary Series
An important new series of commentary on biblical books, from a Pentecostal perspective. Series edited by John Christopher Thomas.


Tools for Biblical Study
This series is designed to provide genuinely useful assistance to scholars and students in biblical studies. Typical titles are introductions to the New and Old Testaments, reading the Bible as literature, anthologies, bibliographies and works on method. ISSN 1566 2101


Guides to Advanced Biblical Research
This series assists research-level students and scholars in providing surveys of recent research on particular fields, with annotated bibliographies and suggestions for the direction of further research. Ideal for anyone about to research or write on a particular biblical book or topic. ISSN 1566 2330


History of Biblical Interpretation Series
Robert Morgan (Oxford) is the editor of this series, which began with the publication of R.N. Whybray’s well-known survey of scholarship on the book of Proverbs. It was initially a BRILL series. Alongside monographs on aspects of biblical interpretation, the series provides authoritative surveys of research on the biblical books. ISSN 1382 4465


Rhetoric of Religious Antiquity Series
Edited by Vernon K. Robbins and Duane F. Watson, this is a substantial and very important new series of socio-rhetorical commentaries on the Bible and other ancient religious literature. Volumes in this series will include an introductory volume by Vernon Robbins, and volumes on the biblical books by an array of well-known scholars in rhetoric and biblical studies. ISSN 1574 3926


Theological Seminar Series  
Cutting-edge books (monographs and collections of essays) on matters of theology, ethics and faith, of interest to scholars and educated non-specialists. ISSN 1566 2098


Journal of Pentecostal Theology Supplement Series
Academic monographs by, or of special interest to, pentecostal scholars on biblical, theological, missiological and pastoral topics. Formerly published by Sheffield Academic Press/Continuum, this series is edited by John Christopher Thomas. ISSN 0966 7393

Emory Studies in Early Christianity  
Prestigious series of significant monographs and essay collections, edited by Vernon K. Robbins and David B. Gowler.


Non-Series Titles
Some Deo titles are published outside of the established series. Generally these are on biblical or theological topics, often from the perspective of a related discipline.


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