Deo Series

Pentecostal Commentary series
An important new series of commentary on biblical books, from a Pentecostal perspective.

Series editor: John Christopher Thomas

1. John Christopher Thomas, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John. Reprint. ISBN 978-1-905679-21-8

2. Rebecca Skaggs, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, Jude. Reprint. ISBN 978-1-905679-20-1


New from Deo Publishing:

3. Priscilla C. Benham and Rebecca Skaggs, Revelation. ISBN 978-1-905679-05-8 

4. Gordon D. Fee, Galatians. ISBN 978-1-905679-02-7

5. Trevor Grizzle, Ephesians. ISBN 978-1-905679-19-5



6. J.C. Thomas (ed.), The Book of the Twelve. ISBN 978-1-905679-26-3


In preparation (among others):

Brian Peterson, Genesis

Wilf Hldebrandt, Numbers

April Westbrook, 2 Samuel

Jacqueline Grey, Isaiah 1--39

Scott Ellington, Lamentations


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