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"Gordon Fee's Galatians is a masterful example of a commentary that combines serious exegetical labor with penetrating insight into the challenges facing Pentecostal congregations today." - Matthew E. Gordley, Pneuma

"Fee's masterful summaries of complex issues and clear explanations of his favored positions are obviously the fruit of his years of labor in the book. While this commentary may be of most benefit to the Pentecostal scholar students of the Bible from all traditions will richly benefit from Fee's clear explanations and thoughtful reflections on Paul's letter to the Galatians." - Christopher R. Bruno, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society


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Gordon D. Fee


Gordon D. Fee
A Pentecostal Commentary

Winner, Foundation for Pentecostal Scholarship Award of Excellence, 2009

An authoritative commentary from an outstanding biblical scholar.

An introduction situating Paul’s letter in time and space is followed by a detailed discussion of each section of the letter, verse-by-verse commentary, and a theological discussion with challenging ques­tions for individual or group study.

From the Introduction:

Luther and Calvin tended to read the letter as having primarily to do with justification by works or by faith. But that is decidedly not the matter that called forth this letter, which is stated most clearly in one of the opening sentences of the argument proper: “Having begun by the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh?” (1:3), where “flesh” is a play on words, referring to literal circumcision of the flesh as the primary issue regarding their “keeping” the law.

At issue throughout the letter is not the question, “How are people saved?” (to use contemporary language) but whether people who are already “saved” also need to practice specific aspects of the Jewish law. The concern, then, is not how one begins life in Christ, but whether, once begun, one must also add these aspects of the law to be completed in one’s faith in Christ.

Gordon Fee is Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada. An expert on NT textual criticism and NT exegesis, he is the author of many books on the New Testament and the Church, and editor of the New International Commentary of the New Testament. His publications include: Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God; How to Read the Bible for All its Worth; God’s Empowering Presence.

Pentecostal Commentary Series

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