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Trevor Grizzle


Trevor Grizzle
A Pentecostal Commentary

This commentary, written from a distinctively Pentecostal perspective, is primarily for pastors, lay persons and Bible students. It is based upon the best scholarship, written in popular language, and communicates the meaning of the text with minimal technical distractions. This author offers a running exposition on the text and extended comments on matters of special significance for Pentecostals. He acknowledges and interacts with alternative interpretations of individual passages, and his commentary also provides periodic opportunities for reflection upon and personal response to the biblical text.

Bible readers and students at all levels will find this an insightful and useful aid to the understanding of a key New Testament text.


Trevor Grizzle (Ph.D. 1984, Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary) is Professor of New Testament at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has served as a missionary in Ghana and in pastoral ministry in England, Africa and the USA. He is the author of Church Aflame. He and his wife have three children and two grandchildren.

Pentecostal Commentary Series

ISBN 9781905679195. xiv + 186pp. Pbk. UK 22.95/ Europe 23.95/ ROW 25.95




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