Deo Series

Emory Studies in Early Christianity

Editors: Vernon K. Robbins and David B. Gowler

Additions to the series published by Deo:


13. Takashi Onuki, Jesus' Time: The Image Network of the Historical Jesus. ISBN 978-1-905679-09-6

14. Vernon K. Robbins, Sea Voyages and Beyond: Emerging Strategies in Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation. ISBN 978-1-905679-13-3.

15. Alicia Batten, Friendship and Benefaction in James. ISBN 978-1-9065679-10-2.

16. Robert H. von Thaden, Sex, Christ, and Embodied Cognition: Paul's Wisdom for Corinth. ISBN 978-1-905679-18-8.


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