Deo Series

Practice Interpretation
Books on New Testament texts from the perspective of the use and influence of the Bible in communities today. Of interest to scholars, study groups, and educated non-specialists. ISSN 2048 0431


1. J. Vincent, ed., Stilling the Storm: Contemporary Responses to Mark 4.35--5.1. ISBN 978-1-905679-17-1.

2. J. Vincent, ed., Acts in Practice. ISBN 978-1-905679-28-7.

3. J.W. Rogerson, ed., Leviticus in Practice. ISBN 978-1-905679-24-9.

4. J. Vincent, ed., The Farewell Discourses in Practice. ISBN 978-1-905679-33-1.

5. John Dudley Davies, Three Mountains to Freedom. Practice Interpretation of Paul's Letter to the Galatians. ISBN 978-1-905679-35-5.

6. J.W. Rogerson & J. Vincent, eds., The Servant of God in Practice. ISBN 978-1-905679-37-9.





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