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John Vincent

John Vincent, ed.
Acts in Practice


In this volume, the second in the Practice Interpretation series, interpreters from various different situations describe how passages and themes in the book of Acts speak to their 21st-century circumstances.


The aim in the words of a contributor is to "link up with some of the stories that belong to our lives today things that are happening in the newspapers or in the churches, or in our own spiritual lives ... to treat them as a springboard to make connections between Luke's world and ours" (Loveday Alexander). The 16 other contributors are John D. Davies, Susan Miller, Leslie Francis, Ian Wallis, Daniel McGinnis, David Holgate, Robin Pagan, Garnet Parris, Andrew Parker, Alan Powers, Neil Richardson, John Proctor, Christine Jones and John Vincent.

Practice Interpretation

ISBN 9781905679287 (PI, 2) 190pp. Pbk.  UK 18.95/ Europe 19.95/ ROW 22.95     2012




John Vincent, ed.
Stilling the Storm

Contemporary Responses to Mark 4.35–5.1



Most books about Jesus and the Gospels deal with texts, background, culture and authorial intentions. A new approach to the Gospels called Practice Interpretation puts the emphasis on the actual happenings behind the Gospel stories on what first hearers might have made of them, and on what contemporary disciples today make of them. The concern of the studies in this series is with the "use" of a Gospel story by disciples today, and of its "influence" on them.


In this ground-breaking collection, the first in the Practice Interpretation series, people from many different situations describe what the story of Jesus Stilling the Storm actually "sparked off" in their lives.

Rev. Dr. John Vincent, D.Theol. 1960, Basel, is Honorary Lecturer in Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield. He is the editor of Mark: Gospel of Action and joint author of The Drama of Mark and The City in Biblical Perspective. He is a Methodist minister, and married with three grown-up children.

Practice Interpretation

ISBN 9781905679171 (PI, 1) 128pp. Pbk.  UK 17.95/ Europe 18.95/ ROW 20.95     2011


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