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Opoku Onyinah


Opoku Onyinah
Pentecostal Exorcism
Witchcraft and Demonology in Ghana

"Witchcraft" and exorcism have long been dominant features of life in African cultures. This unique book provides a thorough field research-based description and analysis of a specifically Pentecostal Christian response to these phenomena within the Akan culture of Ghana. Anthropological studies generally claim that the ultimate goal of exorcism is modernization. Using interdisciplinary studies with a theological focus, the author takes a different view, arguing that it is divinatory consultation or an inquiry into the sacred and the search for meaning that underlies the current "deliverance" ministry, where the focus is to identify and break down the so-called demonic forces by the power of God and to "deliver" people from their torment. The deliverance ministry is one attempt to contextualize the gospel for African people. However, preoccupation with demonization and exorcistic practices is found to bring Christian into tension with the Akan culture, family ties and other religions. In order to develop a properly safeguarded ministry in an African context, the author examines contextualization and suggests the integration into African Christianity of divinatory consultation, which has strong resonances with the biblical concept of prayer.



Opoku Onyinah, Ph.D. (2002, University of Birmingham, UK) is Chairman of the Church of Pentecost. He lives in Accra, Ghana.

Journal of Pentecostal Theology Supplement Series

ISBN 9781905679065 (JPTS, 34) 370pp. Pbk.  UK 27.95/ Europe 28.95/ ROW 30.95



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