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William R. Telford

William R. Telford
Writing on the Gospel of Mark
A Guide to Advanced Biblical Research

This thorough manual for advanced students and their supervisors, and anyone researching or writing on the Gospel of Mark, is the opening volume in an important new series of Guides to Advanced Biblical Research. Together with an essay on the current state of research and a discussion of the future of Markan study, it provides a chrestomathy of samples of Markan research together with a review of recent dissertations and a full, annotated bibliography.

William R. Telford is Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, the New Testament and Christian Origins, Universities of Durham and Newcastle. He is the author of several books, including The Theology of the Gospel of Mark (CUP, 1999).

Guides to Advanced Biblical Research Series

ISBN 9789058540096 Pbk 600pp. UK 29.95/ Europe 31.95/ ROW 33.95




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